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Doner Kebab

Our delicious Doner Kebabs…


Our Amazing Succulent Doner Kebabs come in a variety of sizes and Combined with its specially prepared spices and ingredients.

Lamb Doner Kebab

Our lamb diner range is the benchmark for Veli’s success. It’s taste and texture separates it from it’s competitors. This pure lamb kebab not only pleases traditionalists but also surprises many of our new customers with it’s consistency and fat loss. (comes in various flavours (Plain, Pepper & Garlic)

Lamb & Beef Doner Range

Our very popular Lamb & Beef range is very similar to our Lamb diner Kebab. It’s impeccable texture, taste and minimal fat loss have enhanced this product to become our biggest seller, whilst being competitively priced. (comes in various flavours (Plain, Pepper & Garlic)

Beef Doner Range

Our beef range is mostly utilised mostly in Europe but are becoming ever present in the UK. Using good quality cuts of beef and spiced to perfection.